Tuesday, 2 April 2013



Morning. Im so shleepy. Stayed round Mariam’s last night till really late. Elsa and Em where there too to start with but they left after a while. Mariam and I spent the afternoon organizing (or trying to organizing) a “sittning.” As I’ve understood it its what they do at the Uni’s here. You get a group of people together and go for a three course meal before hitting the clubs. It’s a bit of a change from Glasgow. There you get a group of people together, get as willied as you can possibly manage during a game of flip-cup, Kings or true America and then hit the clubs. Alls paths lead to Rome. Don’t get me wrong I’m rather fond of the Glaswegian ways but I’m looking forward to a bit of variety. Hopefully this will be a chance to see a lot of friends from Sweden whom I haven’t had a chance to meet up with yet. So if you are reading this and live in the proximity of Lund’s University (and know me relatively well) COME!

Mum using slang
- Oh dear god, my mum just walked out the door shouting “see you later peeps.”  I’m not the best with slang, I can’t get away with half of it, but my mum really cant pull any of it without emitting tsunami size cringe waves. –

Anyway todays plan is going to revolve around mooching around the house so that I can let a bunch of men in (read the end of the sentence before jumping to conclusions) so that they can drop of a machine for my dad’s gym.
But more importantly I need to get hold of a student guest ID so that I can go out with Mariam tomorrow. First time out in Sweden in a long time, should be good! 

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