Monday, 1 April 2013

Sunny Monday

I was actually woken up by having blinding sunlight hit my face this morning, how nice isn’t that? So I lay in my bed and pretend it was summer for a while and then got my act together and went for a run with mum and the dog. My mum wanted to show me a house her and dad are “thinking of buying.” I know, and she knows, (even the dog probably knows) that this is never going to happen. I think they like the idea of “potentially buying a house,” more than they actually want a new house. My tummy wasnt too happy about the run considering the chocolate cramming session me and the siblings engaged in last night in front of Prison Break (great series, why have I never watched it before?) Oh, and I might just take the time to brag about the fact that I was indeed the first person to find all her easter eggs yesterdays *hold for applause.* 

Clearly the weather inspired not only me but my mum too as she is now busy looking up holiday destination. This means the annual bid for various destinations has began. Everyone has a very different idea of what a “relaxing holiday” entails. The two polar extremes are my dad and my sister. If my sister had it her way she would have a holiday where we all lay flat on our backs and burnt to a crisp in the sun for two weeks. If my dad could design the holiday, we would be up at the crack of dawn to visit 4 museums and an art gallery before breakfast. To be honest it doesn’t much matter what they want as my mum tends to win the holiday argument and it currently looks as if we are heading to Rhodes.
No arguments here quite like the sound of Rhodes. It may mean I will be seeing a lot of Greek islands this year as one of the potential destinations for my football team’s holiday is Crete. Its between that and Turkey. To be honest I would probably prefer Crete as I was in Turkey just two years ago and its been a while since I was in Greece.  Doesn’t matter at all that Rhodes and Crete are both Greek Islands as I reckon going on holiday with my family is going to be a tad different from going on holiday with my football team. I get so EXCITED about planning summer holidays!! 

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