Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Treating myself to breakfast!

Left Mariam's so early and I'm already parked in Espresso House (coffee shop) looking through flashcards - and downing copious amounts of coffee. Decided to depart (despite a valiant effort on Mariam's part to make me stay) as Valter, Mariam's boyfriend, was coming round for breakfast. He just got back from Uni in Scotland so I thought I better leave them alone. Going for fika with a friend; Oskar (also just back from Scotland), today and hopefully Emma and him will join us so I'll see him later today anyway. For those reading who don't know what "fika" means its probably the best Swedish word there is. It can mean a whole range of different things, but in this case it means going for a drink and a snack as friends. Right back to flashcards. Its so hard to concentrate here though, I keep eavesdropping on other people's conversations.

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