Sunday, 31 March 2013

Ads and Equality?

I came across an article in the daily mail that was celebrating “how far social attitudes have changed for the better, particularly in regard to the relationship between men and women.” I am sure this is true, we have come a long way in the last few decades with regards to equality between men and women. However the focus of the article was sexist advertisements that  were widespread in the madmen era  that “would undoubtedly cause widespread revulsion today.” Iv'e posted some of the examples given by the article and matched them with a 21st century counter part. The Dailymail article is absolutely right, I do feel revulsion when looking at the ads. But do I feel any better when confronted with their 21st century equivalents? Nope. 

 Women clearly belong under mens' feet.

Wear the right trousers and you'll have no problem conquering your women.

Real men can drive/control their women

Wheey even we can use these products ladies! 

Gang-rape FTW! 

Advertisements as a vindication of gender equality? Hardly. 

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  1. Eww. I love your post! I definitely think it's not much better in the advertisement world today than back then.