Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Sunday

My dad is all excited about having cleared out the garage in order to start making a home gym. He is so enthusiastic that he got up early this morning to use it, my mum and I joined him. This decision had nothing to do with an intention to exercise and everything to do with wanting to have a good giggle at my dad’s expense. It’s Easter Sunday so we had a rare “everybody sits down together breakfast” this doesn’t happen in my family because we never tend to be up or in at the same time in the mornings.  We had a short break from eating where we went for a walk but returned home rather swiftly in time for lunch. Holidays at my house center very much around the dining table, we don’t seem to be able to spend too much time away from it, we are making a valiant effort this afternoon though as we are about to go Easter egg hunting (I may be 19 but never too old for an Easter egg hunt) after which its time for Easter arts and crafts (I believe I mentioned my mum was big on celebrating holidays thoroughly). Swedish provides a much better word for “arts and crafts” namely: “pyssla.” For those that don’t know my parents are Scottish, I was born and lived in England for three years and then we all trooped over to Sweden, which is where I grew up. I only moved back to Scotland last September for my first year of Uni. Oh Easter egg hunt is about to begin, better get moving. Wouldn’t want the siblings to beat me.

Two hours later: lunch

Påsk pyssel

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