Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Birthday Prep and Abu Qadata

I love Birthdays! Been running about town with my sister getting some last minute things for my Dad’s celebration this evening – such as take out menus for his “man box” part of my mum’s birthday present for my dad. It will only make sense if you watch Michael McIntyre’s video about it – I’ll post the link if your interested in seeing it:  
It’s well worth it, Michael McIntyre pure class!

                                                     My mum's home made man drawer 

Started watching a stand up comedy in the morning while I eat breakfast as well as the news. (no one else in my halls is up at the same time as me during the weak so I have to moap about the kitchen on my own). Sometimes you need it to counterbalance all the depressing headlines. This morning’s blow was Theresa May waiting on the green light to deport Abu Qatada. Don’t get me wrong the evidence seems to way against him, but it’s the UK’s fickle stance on Human Rights that worrying. So what if they have written confirmation that Qatada wont be subjected to torture when they have plenty of other evidence confirming that quite a few other people will be “tortured on his behalf” in order to gain the evidence the Jordanian government needs against him?! The written confirmation puts Britain (technically) on the right side of the law but they are subverting the very essence of this law by acquiescing to other, perhaps innocent people, being placed in the torture chair in Qatada’s place. Why not just scrap the whole Human Rights Act…Oh wait Cameron already plans to. 
                                              Me and my sister before shopping!

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