Friday, 29 March 2013


Sorry about not posting yesterday, was out all day with Em, Elsa and Mariam and then we all ended going back to Mariam's for a good chat and a film.

Today's highlight was definitely shooting practice in the sun-room with my brother. Its so much fun! Something incredibly powerful about holding a gun in yours hands (ok ok i know it was an air gun but one can always pretend).
Going to help my mum make mango cheesecake, not a fan of cheesecake actually. My definition of dessert includes chocolate in some for or another and cheesecake clearly falls short of this.

Hope you are all having a good day. Sort of hard not to on a friday with the whole weekend looming ahead of you. I just wish I was meeting more people from my old class and other people we used to meet up with outside of school this weekend. I am so excited to see everyone but its easter so most people are busy. (Me included, my parents celebrate holidays to the max. Always have, always will). Must admit I'm looking forward so seeing some people in particular. Why is it that if you've had a thing with someone you are always going to have a soft-spot for them regardless of the fact that all feelings have long since left the building? Enough cheese time for cheesecake making.

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