Sunday, 24 March 2013


Home sweet home! Finally arrived after over 24 hours of traveling. Yesterday was a loooong day. It got off to a good start, I didn’t bother going to sleep as I realized as I was setting my alarm that I would get a maximum of 2 hours sleep anyway. Instead I spent my final hours in  Murano pottering around my room and trying to tidy it up a bit as my friend from Sweden and his pal are staying in it this weekend. (They came over to see a concert in Glasgow).
By the time my taxi arrived it was snowing heavily which meant my first flight was severely delayed. This suited me perfectly as it meant I could lounge about the airport doing nothing but try to wake myself up with copious amount of coffee. I also met a lovely girl who turned out to be my flat-mate Ovi’s friend from Romania. (Talk about a small world).
                                                       Whole row to myself :D

By the time I got to London my second flight had been cancelled and I joined a queue with about 3000 other hustling and bustling people to have my flight rebooked. I stood in that queue for the best art of 9 hours. It sounds horrendous but I’m not gonna lie, all in all it was quiet an enjoyable way to spend the day. I made friends (the queue bonded over mutual outrage for British Airways) and was provided with a steady stream of free snacks (croissants, biscuits, crisps, trail mix and granola bars) by sheepish looking BA stewards/esses trying to redeem themselves.  Oh and I also had another “bloody hell it’s a small world” experience when Simin, an Iranian women who I had spent the last 2 hours chatting to, turned out to live just up the road from me in Sweden. Man I love traveling!

At the end of the 9 hour wait I was told that there were no more flights to Copenhagen and I was promptly booked into a hotel. I spent the next 16 hours living the sweet life; a crisply made double bed all to myself, hotel room service (no not Pitbull style), a good film on TV and best of all: hotel breakfast!

Well rested and stuffed I made my way back to the airport this morning for round two of operation flying home. Made it home safety and I am now off to socialize with the fam!

*Silver trays*
                                              Nachos and Sticky Toffee pudding - sveet



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